At Pet Parents®, we want to help your customers travel with their pets hassle free! From roadtrips, to airplane rides, our products will help your keep your customer's pets clean and happy!


Dog Diapers

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How Diapers Help With Customers Traveling with Pets

Pet diapers will definitely come in handy when your customer is traveling with their pet! Diapers will prevent your customer's pet from having an accident inside their travel carrier and will also prevent any unwanted odor that might disturb those traveling with or around them.

Why Pet Parents® Dog Diapers?

  • Pet Parents® washable diapers provide a 30% greater value to the end consumer than others in the market. This is because we are dedicated to providing solutions to your customer’s most common issues that address the issue from multiple angles.
  • Customers are 5x more likely to research online and then go into a store to buy a product rather than simply buy online. This is especially true for our diapers as they are need it now products. Your customers refuse to wait when their pets' health or their home cleanliness is at stake.

Belly Bands

How Belly Bands Help With Customers Traveling with Pets

Belly Bands will be a HUGE help for any of your customers who are traveling with their male dog. Belly Bands will prevent your customer's pet from having an accident, and will relieve them of the discomfort of having to hold it on a long trip. They will also be a huge help for customer's dogs with a tendency to mark their territory anywhere they go!

Why Pet Parents® Belly Bands?

  • Pet Parents® washable belly bands provide a 30% greater value to the end consumer than others in the market. This is because we are dedicated to providing quality solutions to your customer’s most common concerns and address the issue from multiple angles.
  • Our Washable Belly Bands are tested and designed with your store in mind. From our unique packaging, to the designs and quality of our products, every aspect of has been tested and backed up with data to ensure you are getting the most sales per square foot.
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Pawtect® Pads

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How Pawtect® Pads Help With Customers Traveling with Pets

Having your customers throw a pee pad in their pet's travel carrier as an addition to their bedding, or right over your car's seats will provide them the comfort of knowing they are protected from any accidents.

Why Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads?

  • Unlike other pads on the market, Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads provide additional value to your customers through their wide variety of use cases, WICKQUICK® Anti-Tracking technology and STICKYPAW™ No Slip grip. Perfect for housebreaking puppies, protecting crates, protecting furniture from pet fur and smell, lining kennels and playpens, under food bowls or litter boxes, and travel. Our Pawtect® Pads can do it all!

Calming Supplement

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How Calming Supplements Can Help With Customers Traveling with Pets

Traveling can make your customer's pup quite anxious. These tasty chews can help balance a stressed and anxious pup and potentially reduce destructive behaviors that can happen on a trip.

Why Pet Parents® Calming Supplement?

  • Our soft chew calming supplements contain the clinically proven branded form of L-Theanine, Suntheanine®, which is extremely beneficial in promoting a sense of relaxation in your anxious fur-baby.
  • Pet Parents® SoftSupps® are carefully designed and crafted by leading pet supplement scientists using clinically proven branded ingredients to offer result-driven, targeted solutions for common health concerns, all while leading with whole meats and veggies. In fact, our supplements contain 25-300% more active ingredients than other competitors
  • Created in a Level 3, SQF-Certified facility that is FDA-inspected and GMP-approved. Our products are tested for harmful bacterial pathogens by a third-party laboratory before they leave the facility and get anywhere near your store! Our SoftSupps® are also made with a heat inducted seal liner to extend product shelf life, maintain freshness, and provide additional protection. Your customers can rest assured knowing that their Pet Parents® SoftSupps® are always safely handled from start to finish!


How Gnawtlers® Help With Customers Traveling with Pets

Giving a pup a good quality chew before a long trip is the best way to keep their anxieties at a minimum, and entertain them on long car rides or flights!

Why Pet Parents® Gnawtlers®?

  • Just like every other product we make, our Gnawtlers® are meticulously checked and sorted to ensure you are getting the best. We go where others can’t to ensure you are giving your customers the safest, highest quality antlers on the market. Unlike other processed and dyed options, our Grade-A , naturally shed Gnawtlers® are collected in the rocky mountain and heartland regions of the USA for their weight, density, color, & shape. From there, they are meticulously sorted, weighed, cut, sanded, vacuum sealed, & labeled.
  • Unlike other processed & dyed options, Gnawtlers® have no odor, no mess, & even after hours & hours of gnawing, making them perfect dog toys for aggressive chewers.
  • Our antlers are specially selected Grade A premium raw antlers from the rocky mountain & heartland regions of the USA. Our pieces are scrutinized from their original raw form laying on the forest ground all the way to your store!
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Our belly bands & dog diapers will keep messes, and your customer's anxieties at a minimum. If they want to double up on protection, they can slide our pee pads in their travel carriers to help soak up unwanted messes. During travel, our SoftSupps® and Gnawtlers® can help to calm, and keep the pup busy in transit!