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How to Become a “One Stop Shop” for Your Customers and Their Pets

Your store can be a one stop shop for your customers by offering a range of Pet Parents® products. Our products help solve all interrelated problems they face as a pet parent.


Adolescence Products: For customers with new fur-babies that have excitement urination, are house training, are spot marking, need to cover wounds after spaying or neutering, or if they have a bored or teething pup: our belly bands and dog diapers will give your customer back control and protect any messes that come with having a puppy. For added protection, our Pawtect® Pads and Pawtect® Blankets can easily slide into problem areas in your customer’s home in the process of training the new pup. Our SoftSupps® can act as healthy, rewarding treats that give pets the nutrients they need. Gnawtlers® are great for pups as teeth or need a delicious healthy object to gnaw on.


Cleaning and Potty Products: Before the multivitamin, bladder, and probiotic supplements kick in, and while our Pawtect® Pads and Pawtect® Blankets protect customers' homes, our dog diapers and belly bands can prevent accidents from turning into messes. Over time, our multivitamin, bladder, and probiotic dog supplements will help promote a healthy digestive tract, upset stomach relief, detoxification, and assist with a healthy bladder, stools, and will prevent future accidents.


Travel Products: Our belly bands & dog diapers will keep messes and your customers’ anxieties at a minimum. If they want to double up on protection, they can slide our Pawtect® Pads or Pawtect® Blankets in their travel carriers or on car seats to help soak up ununwanted messes. During travel, our Calming SoftSupps® and Gnawtlers® can help to calm and keep the pup busy in transit!


Adult & Senior Pet Products: All Pet Parents® products work together to help adult and senior pups with issues such as fecal or urinary incontinence, paralysis, UTIs in dogs, dogs in heat, pregnancy prevention, postpartum, post surgery, spot marking, whelping, mobility issues and soreness. Our belly bands & dog diapers are pawfect for a variety of different issues your customer may be facing with their adult or senior dog. For extra protection, they can put our Pawtect® Pads or Pawtect® Blankets in necessary areas to act as a barrier to floors and furniture and help soak up unwanted messes. Your customer will want to throw in some SoftSupps® to support their pup’s health and some Gnawtlers® as a healthy and rewarding treat for being such a good dog!


RETAILER TIP: SoftSupps® are made with all-natural ingredients and are safe to be used in any-combination to fit a dog’s specific health needs. Not only is this great for a dog’s well-being, but also an opportunity for employees to upsell customers by offering product bundles. In addition, bundle the SoftSupps® with other Pet Parents® products according to the category and needs listed above!