How to Improve Customer Experience in a Pet Store

Great customer experience is when all points of interaction while in your store matches the expectations of the customer. This is more than getting the customer what they need and answering questions they may have. It’s also about creating a lasting positive feeling and association with your brand, online store if you have one, and physical store.

"A study has shown that most people tend to turn right when entering the store."

Great customer service starts with a store owner and their staff having the desire to please customers, and if you’re reading this article, it’s clear you do. But there are things to try beyond enthusiastic tail-wag greetings and checking the back for an out of stock item. Below we have included some simple ways to improve your customers’ experiences when they visit your store.

Layout. A study has shown that most people tend to turn right when entering the store. Take a look around the next time you enter a store. Are the carts to the left or right? The new product display? Quick grab items? Chances are they are to the right. Use this knowledge to your advantage and place all your high-demand and best-selling products in this area to draw attention to the items you want to make the top sellers list.

The rest of your store matters too. Make sure your layout is clear cut and displayed  at the front of your store. Customers don’t want to go through the labyrinth to get the item they need or end up in an aisle that leads nowhere. In today’s society, fast-paced is the go to. Create an efficient customer experience, but but sure to include extra value features that make them want to stay if they have the time.

Extra Value Features

USB chargers. Customers love convenience at all times. Mobile phones are a great example of this. Help your customers out and provide a charging station or portable chargers they can use in your stores.

This isn’t just a benefit to their batteries. A fully charged smartphone gives you endless opportunities to increase customer interaction and sales. A customer’s phone is the gateway to your website, online promotions, your social media, and email. All of which can increase your sales. For example:

You can run a promotion where if a customer follows your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account they will receive 10% off that days purchase. You gain engagement online and they get a deal (which will likely increase the items in their cart).

Free wifi. Undeniably, in this day and age people need wifi at all times (sounds silly, yes, but unfortunately it’s very true). Help your customers by offering free Wifi in your pet store. This is actually a great opportunity for retailers like you since there has been a study that showed 62% of businesses reported that customers spend more time in-store after they introduced free Wifi.

You can also do more by providing devices (like tablets or laptops) for your customers to use while at your pet store. Consider providing free Wifi as a way for them to learn more about your products, check out prices, take and post photos of your products and more.

In doing this, make sure that the WiFi name and password (if there is one) is easily accessible for your customers to find and to type in the correct information. Print out this information and have it displayed in the aisles, as they walk in the store, at the cashier, etc.

Lounge areas. It is true that shopping can be tiring. Give your customers and people who may tag along with them, an opportunity to sit back, relax and rest their tired feet. Lounge areas can also be accompanied with entertainment options and refreshments. Who wouldn’t want to refresh at the end of a shopping spree? This will also provide a place to go for shopping companions who aren’t as interested in learning more about products while the other members of their party do (we’re looking at you, super shopper dads).

Be pet-friendly. As a pet store, it is best that you allow pets inside your store or maybe you even put up an animal-friendly area; it only makes sense that you let pet parents bring their pets along with them into your store to show them how much you also value their furry family members.

It is also a great way to give out free samples and for customers to get the right sizes of products for their pets by having them there with them to try things out. This improves customer experience because they won’t have to guess sizes and then come back to your store again to get the right fit. Don’t forget to provide water bowls and treats for the fur-babies!

Great staff. They say you’ve only got one opportunity to make a first impression and you must constantly place your best foot forward. Great pet store staff is as important as anything else because your staff will serve as the representation of your store. Make sure your staff is approachable and knowledgeable. Have them put on their best smiles and assist any customer with his or her questions, concerns or inquiries.

Continually remind them to greet customers when they walk in and always offer help. Customers love to see smiling and friendly faces. It all boils down to needing to feel embraced , and it’s up to your staff to give off that warm feeling.

All mentioned above are some of the ways you can improve your customer experience in your pet store. And of course, always try and continue to come up with new ideas to add on to keep your customers coming back for more!

"Customers love to see smiling and friendly faces. It all boils down to needing to feel embraced, and it’s up to your staff to give off that warm feeling."